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I cannot understand the hype about the Peleton bike? I think it’s cycle logo is fab though! Yes, I know the spelling is incorrect, but ‘Peleton bike’ is a generous keyword search term on Google. Peleton is an expensive fitness ‘motivating’ system. Sure enough, its only an exercise session, but it requires motivation while you are alone, and yet since the virus restrictions social isolation and exercise machines like the Peleton bike and others are more and more promoting these isolation exercise systems at home with motivation that you have to pay for and connect to online. The opposite of real touch human beings as motivation and encouragement to keep fit has been replaced by the unscientific fear of people. This is terrorist activity, make no doubt about it. No touch torture techniques have been cast upon the human race, and the fear has worked on the majority of humankind into taking an untested experimental poison.  Overall, I think the Peleton bike is over £2000 and the monthly fitness motivation programme is £12.99, although they offer two months free. ProForm also offer a free month’s trial to their iFIT programme.

There are some awesome FREE fitness videos on YouTube. I am sure there are plenty of free spin bike fitness videos.

Some gym memberships cost less than £20, so why pay from £54 per month (on their website) for a Peleton bike, when you can buy a similar indoor cycle (or spin bike) for under £500 elsewhere. I think they even sell for under £200 on Amazon, although I cannot provide an affiliate link to Amazon as they banned sites like this one that speak against the WHO narrative. How sad! While we’re at it, other communist websites that do not allow truth or free thought include, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

I was told it’s good money to deliver and assemble the bikes, but I could not assist a company who is promoting self-isolation as a future exercise model. It’s not healthy for mental health. These are just my opinions. No one can survive alone and regularly becoming dependent on the peleton bike whilst denying human interaction can only take someone so far. Eventually, that isolation will lead to mental decline, which is exactly what the virus ‘experts’  SAGE and its psycho psychologists want.

In the past, I owned a ProForm Tour De France cycle, and I tried the iFIT system, but it was boring. It wasn’t motivating enough, it was too easy, and the bike was just too noisy with its constant hills and declines. Not worth the £849 paid. You can get a far better core workout with the Flex Wondercore 4-in-1 cycle. Not only is it a recumbent cycle, but also a mountain bike, and an extreme core cycle. I’m soaking wet with sweat in only ten minutes at the most intensive setting at the highest resistance.

Save Over £1000 on a Peleton Bike and Invest in an Activity Tracker Instead for Motivation

Although I have an older activity tracker by Polar, the A300, it motivates me into various activities. I go for long walks with my friend and we often walk over 10k in an afternoon, and when I set the walking on my Polar A300 activity tracker, we can burn over 1000 calories in over two hours.  The activities that are listed on the activity tracker also include climbing, so I can hop on my Maxi Climber machine for ten minutes and work my buttocks, inner thighs, arms, abdomen, and thighs, then another day I could engage in strength training with my various kettlebells, while another day I can choose rowing on my activity tracker and set my Concept 2 rowing machine to the built-in 9 x 1.40m 20 second rest. It’s intense and covers just over 3000m in 20 minutes. Burns about 200 calories. The Polar A300 activity monitor is used with the chest strap for an accurate calorie burn, and then this can be synced to the Polar app on your phone or gadget.

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