Have you ever experienced racism? Racism is intolerable and cruel, and so unnecessary amongst humankind, but I believe that racism stems from family brainwashing, or even religion.

For example, I was a quiet kid at school. In year eight I wanted to kill myself because I was tired of the constant bullying. Why was I bullied? Because I never talked. I was a curious kid and just listened. I guess I was in a world of my own. I wanted to fit in, and yet I had no real friends of my own. My sister was my best friend, although we argued and nipped one another, on occasions.

The Asian boys were especially hurtful in what they used to say to me. They would call me a pig. I never said anything in return. I knew it was brainwashing from others. My first boyfriend was Bengali, so I wasn’t racist and haven’t ever judged anyone else on skin colour. It is petty and weak. There is enough suffering in this world without a need for hating others because of their skin colour. Send kind thoughts instead. LOVE. It’s far more healing.

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