tropic skincare mama and baby

Have you tried the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range, which is also called Mama & Little Tropic? There’s a baby bath milk, called Little Joey, a baby oil called Little Roary, and the nipple cream, which never appears to be in stock.

Anyhow, I remember placing an order around May 2023 for the Little Joey bath milk when Grace was born, as I didn’t want her absorbing any chemical nasties. It’s a simple product. Simply place a capful of the milk into the water and that’s it. No suds, no sponges – just rinse and dry. I paid £24 at the time, which I considered very expensive. Then my sister gifted me the Little Roary, which around the same time was £28 for just 100ml.

Fast forward to December 2023, and I see that in each of the products of the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range, besides the body wash and Tamanu cream, the price has been reduced by £10. When I emailed Tropic Skincare to ask why I had been charged £24 for the same product that is now £14, I received no response, as per usual. I then emailed Tropic on Facebook, because I always receive a response this way and they said:

Here at Tropic, we are always analysing the price of ingredients and when any saving is made, we like to reflect this in the price and pass it on to our valued customers which is the reason the Little Joey is now £14. As a gesture of goodwill, on your next order you place please let us know quoting ticket number #837454 and we will pop a little something in there for free.

In regards to our price changes, we are so sorry you feel this way. After analysing costs and undertaking extensive competitor research, we’ve made some updates across our current ranges. From upgrading a much-loved collection and skincare favourite to reducing pricing following feedback, and slightly increasing others to match the costs of manufacturing. We will of course pass your feedback on to the team. Love Joanne

It’s nice that they offered to throw in a ‘gift’ with my next order, but that defeats the principle that they still do not see, is that Tropic Skincare were clearly profiting massively from this Tropic Skincare mama and baby range of products. £10 is a significant price difference and for how many years were they profiting from pregnant women and new mums.

The reason they reduced the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range of products is simply because they knew they were too expensive during this cost of living crisis and to hone in on the competition, which is clearly cheaper elsewhere. Some great websites I’ve found that sell amazing baby cleansing and shampoo products are Ecco Verde and Naturitas. I’m in love with the Eliah Sahil Chamomile powder shampoo for kids.

It’s just the ethics of dropping the prices like that without even informing customers who have paid significantly higher prices in the past. They should have reimbursed people the difference, or at least given them a £10 gift voucher towards a future order.

What’s your experience with the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range? Did you know of this price difference and are you happy? I do love the skincare by Tropic Skincare, but it is pricy.

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