The Soft & Quiet Movie is Horrifying & Cruel – Contains Spoilers

soft & quiet

The foul language in Soft & Quiet is lazy. It might have wanted to show a realistic scene, but seriously does the audience need to hear more f words than Casino?

Does the maker of this movie want us to believe that this is how most people who we walk past are? Full of hatred toward another person because of their race or skin colour? That’s the portrayal of the 2022 movie, Soft & Quiet, a horrifying and cruel look at the evil sin nature within every human being (my comment being a Christian Caucasian  woman). American History X was a hard watch, but there was humility at its centre when vengeance returned and opened up the eyes of the blind man. Murder and hatred is never the way to fix society. The Soft & Quiet movie is available to watch here.

Just from the outset, the way the teacher looks at the coloured janitor walking past, just after she had taken yet another pregnancy test and found out it wasn’t the result she wanted, makes you question if she is a sincere teacher who loves children. At the end of the movie, you might wonder ‘should women like this be even granted the gift of children’. One of the members is a mother of two, and the other is the daughter of a KKK member who has four children and is pregnant with her fifth. Parental responsibility is most important in how children are brought up, and it should be toward loving God and loving thy neighbour as self.

The lead character is a kindergarten teacher full of hatred in her face from the start. She is disrespectful to her husband, we see later on in the movie, and these five women she meets in a church (of all places) seem quite mild mannered, yet their racism intentions surface without the violent intent that is later unleashed when four of them are altogether and bully two Asian sisters who enter into the shop for a bottle of wine. We learn that one of the sisters was raped by this kindergarten teacher’s brother. Rather than apologise, this teacher is filled with indignation toward this young girl at the statement that her brother is a rapist (he’s in prison for rape).

What a shame the husband was so weak not to stand up to his bullying wife to allow her to carry out such violence toward two young Asian sisters, who were only standing up for themselves when they were surrounded by these four women. It was okay for these women to hurl fifty f words to these women, and when they spoke back to one foul mouthed gang member, it turned into a fist fight. It’s disgraceful and the movie is designed to show reality that we can all carry around this racism toward others. It’s false.

The moral of the story is that humans are not the enemy, although this movie does not portray that. It could be part of the democratic agenda to portray all whites as racist. Remember when people were kneeling before people to request forgiveness. It’s a false reality.

In Soft & Quiet these people meet at a church until the pastor overhears their speech and throws them out. Some of them wear crosses, and use scripture to imprint their demonic philosophy upon others as love. That it is okay to act in such a way. It is most certainly not Christ-like and not a fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:22-23. These women are filled with hate from Satan.

Movies like Soft & Quiet portray Caucasians as the enemy. We are not. Not everyone is racist. Not everyone has those intentions, even when our society may have more KFCs with halal chicken because that area contains more of a Muslim community.

I was bullied at school by Muslim and white boys and girls. The Muslim boys would call me pig. The white boys would call me jungle and tree trunk legs. The girls would taunt me because I didn’t talk. I’m not sure why those Muslim boys hated me so much because of the colour of my skin, but I see the same hatred in some of them toward white girls/women today. Some see us as trash, but it doesn’t make me want to retreat to the same shameful racist behaviour. Their parents and community play a large part, so why bring children into the world if you are going to braindirty their mind with hatred and cruelty?

My mother brought me up better than petty cruelty toward others. She brought me up to have manners, to respect the ground I walk on, to be kind to all people, to love God.

Racism of any kind, whether it’s antisemitism, racism toward other races and skin colours because of immigration or the benefits system helps Satan’s cause. All of this hatred is of Satan, the current god of this world system. We all bleed the same colour. Whatever we are filled with consumes us, and hatred is a spirit (of demons). Jesus said that to even hate someone without a cause they are in danger of the judgement.

Never forget who the real enemy is. It is Satan. He hates you. He hates me. He hates the Body of Christ. His eternal destination is the lake of fire, together with his fallen angels.

BUT God, forgave racism, hatred, murder, and all evil that is taking place in this world today through the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason why humankind acts like we are the enemy is because we are blinded by the lies of the media, movies, books, and charismatic false teachings of others who are devoid of the Holy Spirit, and the reason we can we so influenced to act in such cruel ways toward one another is because of the sin nature. The sin nature brings death. That’s why we all age and die.

Our only hope is Jesus Christ, and forgiveness of sin comes when we place our faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. It is not of works, lest any man should boast, Ephesians 2:9.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high placesEphesians 6:12

I could guess the ending of Soft & Quiet, just by the way that the movie was filmed, and it was a satisfying finale.

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