the Baum

It’s strange in pubs these days. Christian and I normally visit Wetherspoons for a curry and pint every Thursday, but this evening we decided that we would have a meal at the Baum using the £50 deposit that we put down for our wedding reception, which was supposed to be earlier this year, but sadly circumstances changed.

They have to ‘book us in’ at the door. The waiter was wearing a visor. There were plastic shields between the tables, except where we were sitting, where there was a 6m distance between the tables? Wow, can 6m really stop a killer virus like Covid infecting us? Then again, how can a plastic shield protect from a virus like Covid-19? These rules are silly. Perhaps it can climb over the plastic shield, or perhaps it is just a really stupid virus that stops when it’s told to. Who knows anymore.

I asked “how do we order drinks”. He said “it’s a full table service”. No wonder why the prices have increased… a lot.

Two pints each. Two main meals and two puddings came to over £50.

It was delicious food though, and the chips with truffle and parmesan cheese were delicious. Could eat them every day. I asked the waiter for the recipe, but he just laughed. I don’t think he’s used to the new service.

We obviously didn’t have to wear masks while we were sat nearer than the 6m social distancing, and the waiter too was standing closer than the 6m distance while he was taking our order.

I wish this Covid kerfuffle would end soon.

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