The Message To Daily Walk

daily walking

On Monday, during my daily morning of reciting scripture for thirty minutes in an effort to strengthen my impaired or under developed prefrontal cortex, I received a clear message that I needed to put a daily walk into my life.

The first walk was mentally difficult, but I made a conscious effort to complete this goal – for myself. Although I was back home in just over an hour, I didn’t feel that much better mentally.

The Tuesday walk went far better with improving my mood. Whether the weather would be wet or sunny, I had set the goal firmly in my mind that I needed to go on my walk.

Today has been a lazy day. Thursday I plan to go walking again…God willing. And Friday too. I need walking to become a daily part of my life, because I can’t live my life dependent upon another person for my happiness. God is my source of strength and my comfort, and while I’m out walking I can pray for others, and express gratitude for the life that I have. I leave my mobile phone at home, and walk without music listening to nature.

The message to daily walk must be that goal that I must persist with each day, in order to not give into suicidal thoughts and despair, and to improve my mental health. So I’ll keep on walking….Thank you Lord for your wisdom and strength.

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