The Best Musical Teddy Bear to Help Baby Relax Into Sleep

musical teddy bear

If you are looking for the best musical teddy bear to help your baby relax into sleep, continue reading because I’m going to introduce you to this genius musical teddy bear that I use every night to help my baby relax into sleep.

When babies are really tiny, toys are not much help. They want to sleep and it’s normally easy to get them to sleep because they require so much of it. However, into the third or fourth month, sleep trouble can start. Babies require a good routine to help them sleep like bath, massage, song, and breastfeeding, However, this is where this genius musical teddy bear comes in that plays classical music and proper quality stuff. musical teddy bear

Amadeus Mozart Musical Teddy Bear

While this teddy bear was fun to play when our baby was very young, we used this reliably from nine months during the bed routine and it’s a keeper. It plays seven popular Mozart tunes for a total of 40 minutes.

It takes three AA batteries, which are already included, but you could get yourself  some rechargeable batteries and charger and that solves that problem. The batteries last a long time.

The volume is adjusted on Mozart’s belly, which is the button that turns on the music. Long hold until you find a volume setting that you prefer.

In the mornings when baby has woke up really early, after a breastfeed, she’s gone back to sleep when I’ve pressed Mozart on. She can even press it on and off herself.

She’s just turned ten months and the Mozart musical teddy bear is our regular routine. I actually look forward to the classical music every night during breastfeeding. Sometimes I even get a little snooze in just before Twinkle Twinkle ends.

If you are looking for a lovely teddy bear for your baby, or a baby gift to a new mother, this bear is a good choice. There is also Chopin and Beethoven to choose from.

Why a Classical Musical Teddy Bear

Virtuoso Bears are an exciting toy series with timeless appeal that both children and adults can enjoy. They are produced to stay with the child and in the family for many years. Through early exposure to music, a child is encouraged to take up learning musical instruments in their formative years of development. This comes with multiple benefits: better motor coordination, greater capacity for memory, improved mathematical learning and increased self confidence. Introduction to classical music at a young age is truly the best gift parents can give to their babies and there is no better way than doing it with a toy as elegantly designed as a Virtuoso Bear.

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