No Chemicals No Residue NO GUNK 100% Natural Haircare for Men

I’m a girl, but I’ve always been drawn toward men’s haircare products. I used to use American Crew’s Fiber until I discovered that it had a high 8 toxic rating on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

I then discovered a product called NO GUNK, which have a Hair Wax for hair and beards, and a Matte Lava Clay, which I purchased and has a lovely scent. The tub is only small, but they do some other fantastic products too like the natural deodorant called Pit Stop. Unfortunately, the hold of the Matte Lava Clay didn’t provide enough hold for my short but longish hair, which I like to punk up daily.

I’ve instead turned to a product I found on Amazon called Seven Potions Hairstyling Clay. The smell isn’t that great, but the hold is fantastic (even on windy days). Don’t be put off by the price either. The jar is huge and will last well over six months.

Please note, if you click through to the NO GUNK products, you will receive £5 off your product, plus you will also give me £5 off my next purchase. I might try the Pit Stop deodorant next.:) The Seven Potions link is also an affiliate link too.

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