Is Your Second Brain Healthy?

second brain

We have our human brain that performs an incredible amount of functions, both consciously and unconsciously, but what about our second brain, which works effectively through the microbiome in our gut. Is it healthy?

Probiotics are one of the best nutritional supplements that we can take to improve our gut microbes, but if the price puts you off, why not make your own sauerkraut or other fermented foods. There are many recipes online.

The Single Probiotic Strain Proven To Supercharge Digestion And Kick Bad Bacteria’s Butts

This is a helpful video describing anxiety and how to combat it with things like Vitamin B1 and Probiotics.

Here is some more science on the ‘second brain’ by Scientific American.

90 percent of serotonin is produced in the gut, which is why the gut is known as the ‘second brain’. This next video describes three ways that apple cider vinegar can help anxiety.

I find this apple cider vinegar delicious (not Guinness and black delicious, though). I add 20ml to a cup and add warm water, a spoon of raw honey then drink through a straw up to twice a day.

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