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The Costa menu can vary from venue to venue. We have two Costa Coffees in Rochdale, and each has a different menu. Some toastie options are available at one, and not the other. Same with the cakes. To be honest, I find the Costa menu quite boring, together with the cakes. I mean, they don’t even do a coffee cake. And although they do various sizes of coffee, wow the prices can be ridiculous. I mean it’s just a bit of coffee and frothy milk. What is the justification in charging over £4 for a large Costa latte.

Can you save on the Costa menu

You sure can when you sign up for the Costa app. Plus with the free fiver offer through Zilch, you can use that fiver on your Costa order. Through the Costa app, each drink purchase will reward you with a coffee bean. They used to offer a free drink when you had collected eight beans, but now the greedy gits have upped it to ten beans required for a free Costa drink of your choice. You’ll even get a ‘treat drop’ every month (or it may be more frequently) where you’ll get money off food or cake.

The Downsides to Costa

  1. Well I don’t like the fact that I am forced to have to use my free drink within a certain time period. In my opinion, the free drink should have no expiry. I know they are probably trying to encourage you to visit the store, but to force it upon customers puts me off. I mean I have spent over £40 in lattes alone to collect ten coffee beans for a free drink.
  2. The food is far too expensive for what it is. Over £4 for a toastie is too much.
  3. A slice of cake is over £3.
  4. Drinks prices are over the top.

That’s why I have decided to ditch Costa and use my own milk frothing machine to make my own delicious lattes. I know it’s lovely to go into town and visit a coffee shop, but the Costa menu is not cheap and you can easily pay over £20 for two large lattes, two toasties and two cakes.

Give me a cafe that does home cooked meals any day, but Rochdale is lacking such a cafe.

Pay at Costa With Zilch

It’s not much you will save at Costa when paying through Zilch, but here’s how you can earn 0.5% cashback.

  1. Sign up for a Zilch account.
  2. Download the Zilch app.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Add your debit card details to your Zilch virtual Mastercard.
  5. Add your Zilch card to Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay for each contactless payments.
  6. Make your first tap & pay (contactless) purchase in any store to earn 500 Zilch rewards from my referral link.
  7. To use this to pay for your Costa menu purchase. Log into the app and choose ‘Zilch anywhere’. Toggle beside the ‘rewards balance discount your next purchase’ and when you enable NFC and use your Zilch card to pay for your purchase, you’ll save £5 on your Costa order.
  8. However, if you prefer to save your 500 Zilch rewards, simply use Zilch to pay contactless and you’ll earn 0.5% in Zilch rewards cashback.
  9. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy Costa giftcards, you can earn 2% cashback on this purchase. See your Zilch app for the details.
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