Earn a free fiver? Where you may wonder? Have you heard of Zilch? What is this site about? We want you to earn up to 5% cashback with the Zilch virtual Mastercard. Who are your favourite online merchants? Do you like Nike, Boohoo or River Island, as examples? There are thousands and thousands more?

Zilch requires a quick 5-minute sign-up to earn your free fiver, which is available when you make your first tap & pay.


Please check out this post to find out all that you need to know about Zilch.

The simplicity of this genius cashback system is that you need to use the virtual Zilch Mastercard (linked to your debit card) every time you shop. If you choose to pay over 6 weeks, you will not be eligible for the 2% to 5% cashback option. However, if you choose a merchant and Pay now, you will earn between 2% to 5% of your purchase total. This is great for supermarket shopping for example if your phone allows contactless Tap & Pay. Unfortunately, the Zilch Anywhere and Tap & Pay option used to pay 2% cashback, but now only pays 0.5%.

For example, if you spend £120 per week at your local supermarket with an online shop , pay with your Zilch card and you will earn 2% which is £2.40. That adds up to £9.60 a month and over £100 per year. It’s called Smart Shopping! However if you opted to shop instore at your chosen supermarket you would only earn 0.5% using tap & pay.

This virtual MasterCard is a genius way to earn cashback without you having to spend a penny more.

Use your reward points to buy items in exactly the same way that you pay for items. The only downside to the Zilch card is that you need to access your virtual MasterCard every time, so try to memorise your card number, expiry dates, and three digits code, especially for online purchases. On-site purchases will require you to log into the Zilch app or website, find the merchant, or click on ‘Zilch Anywhere’ where you will be given the option to ‘pay over 6 weeks’ with fees or ‘pay now’, to earn 2% to 5% cashback.’

I hope you love Zilch as much as I do.


How to earn your free fiver

  1. Join Zilch.
  2. Add your personal details, go through verification, and add your debit card details.
  3. Add your virtual Zilch card to your Google, Samsung or Apple Pay wallets.
  4. Make your first tap & pay purchase by enabling NFC on your smartphone, opening up your wallet and make that contactless tap & pay purchase.
  5. Your free fiver or 500 Zilch reward points will be added to your Zilch account within minutes. You can spend this at thousands of stores online or instore.