Fight Back Against a Face Mask Fine

face mask fine

A face masks fine for non compliance is the norm worldwide. In the UK, the fine is £100, or £50 if paid within 14-days. In the USA, I think a face mask fine ranges from $500 to $1000. Isn’t it a ridiculous world we are living in? But nevertheless, we have to fight back against their hypocrisy by saying only what is correct.

I truly think it is a waste of police time to be fining someone for non compliance of a face mask, when there are children kidnapped daily worldwide, and idiot drivers on our UK roads running red lights and playing on their phone while driving at crazy speeds. There are many exceptions to not wearing a face mask, including anxiety, breathing difficulties, panic attacks, and others. Face masks are dangerous.

However, some people just don’t want to wear masks full stop, and I don’t blame them. After all, they do look stupid and we were not born with masks over our faces, nor should we have to wear one when we are shopping or working.

Okay, so I’m going to list a few things that we can try if we are ever faced with a face mask fine.

1. When you enter a shop and you have no mask, and they ask you about the mask, tell them that a mask can lead to hypercapnia. If they don’t know what means, ask them to look it up. If they continue to confront you, ask them for their name and the name of their manager and tell them that you are going to report them for discrimination. You are within your rights to refuse to wear a mask for your own safety, as early symptoms of hypercapnia include nausea, headaches, dizziness, and this is caused by too much carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.


2. If the police are called for non compliance of wearing a face mask, ask the police officer of the names of each of the BLM protestors who have been arrested since the mandatory mask ruling (24 July 2020) for not wearing a face mask. If they cannot, this is sole person discrimination and bullying, and also ask for their PC number and report them for not doing their job in arresting those who do break the law. The non compliance of a face mask is not breaking the law because it is only safe for masks to be worn where there is an environment where extra oxygen is being pumped into the air. I highly doubt supermarkets and high street shops do this. They are not hospital environments, which have to follow strict guidelines so as not to hurt their staff. BLM protestors are clearly breaking the rules when they do not comply with mask wearing in public, and yet police are not arresting or giving out a face mask fine to them, so why should you receive a fine too?

3. Should a case ever reach court for not paying a face mask fine, again rely on the dangers of wearing masks in causing hypercapnia, that environments where face masks are worn must contain additional oxygen in the air to prevent hypercapnia and hypoxia, and also that police have let BLM protestors cause catastrophe and criminal damage and yet they were not given a face mask fine. The law is the law, after all!

4. Let’s not forget the mask bullies. I’ve done a sheet that contains details on hypercapnia on one side, and how to go to heaven on another side. Print them off and hand them out to those who are acting self-righteous. HYPERCAPNIA & HEAVEN

God bless everybody.

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