Feel Some Compassion Humans Because OCD is Horrible

My doctor says that my compulsive skin picking, or dermatillomania, as its proper name, is part of the OCD family. Even though I’ve attempted to cure this disorder through many avenues, including dry fasting, iboga therapy, clinical hypnosis, prozac, sertrilline, duloxetine, visual coding displacement therapy, meditation, vitamin therapy, N’Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), tissue salts, acupuncture, I’m still plagued with this compulsive disorder every day.

People tell me to just stop, but they don’t know what it is like. Even fellow Christians do not have much understanding and just say that I am sinning. Are they perfect? Do they not have some kind of a compulsion, because nobody is perfect. I kept this disorder hidden for ten years before I finally disclosed it, and only really my partner understands, because he’s fragile too.

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