Face Masks Not Effective Against Covid-19 According to PPE Mask Experts

face masks not effective against Covid-19

Face masks not effective against Covid-19 according to PPE mask expert Tammy K Herrema Clark, so why has the UK Government and other Governments worldwide brought out a mandatory wearing of face masks? Doesn’t make sense. Wore one yet? The heat from our own breath is extremely uncomfortable. Watch this and share this video. I’ve also included an MP3, in case this video is removed in the future.

Face Mask Effectiveness by Tammy K Herrema Clark- MP3 Approx 48 minutes

Tammy K Herrema Clark on Face Mask Effectiveness pdf

Masks Exposed and the Health Risks by Tammy K Herrema Clark – MP3 Approx 1 hour 43 minutes

The Fact on Masks by Dr Sherri Tenpenny – Part 1

The Fact on Masks by Dr Sherri Tenpenny – Part 2

Masks Don’t Work is a page on Facebook with pictures and posts that you can share regarding face masks not effective against Covid-19.

The Risks vs Benefits of face masks against Covid-19 is another helpful article.

This man understands the mask lie at a level most cannot comprehend. Click here to watch this short 2 minute video.

UK Petitions Against Face Masks

Petition to make the use of masks voluntary rather than mandatory on public transport.

Petition to not make the wearing of face masks compulsory in shops in England.

Repeal the decision to implement compulsory face coverings in English shops.

Spread Awareness

Face Masks Ending the Confusion – Vernon Coleman MP3 Approx 13 minutes

It is time to put an end to this mandatory mask nonsense that is simply not safe. To anyone with a right mind, how can anyone seriously think that a paper mask or pair of underpants or knickers on the face can prevent people from catching the supposed ‘killer’ Covid-19 virus. Face masks are not effective against Covid-19. It’s a shame that our tyrannical Government listens to these charlatan scientists, and the bias mainstream media spouts such garbage. NHS staff are silenced and threatened with the sack for speaking out about Covid-19. I wish more were braver. The Covid-19 agenda is to reduce the population, cause mental illness that results in mass suicide, and obviously to turn humankind against one another. They are doing a good job. Please share this blog post far and wide.


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