I’ve been earn cashback with Zilch reward points for around eight months now, and it’s wonderful. I’ve earned over £100, some from friend referrals, and mostly from my own shopping habits. I use Zilch online at stores like Amazon, and also eBay and when I pay my electricity through Octopus Energy.

Previously, Zilch used to offer 2% cashback in Zilch reward points, but from January 12th, the Zilch points will increase to 5%, while Zilch Anywhere will reduce to just 0.5%. I found Zilch to be so awesome that I set up a couple of websites, Zilch Card and Zilch UK. None of these are affiliated, although if you sign up through either of these websites, I will earn 500 in reward points.

With thousands of Zilch merchants to choose from, all you need to do is to sign up with Zilch, plus you’ll also earn 500 Zilch reward points worth £5. Go through the simple verification process, link your usual debit card to your virtual Zilch card, and always choose ‘pay it all now’ rather than ‘pay it in 4’ to earn the 2% cashback, which will increase to a fab 5% cashback from January 12th.

To be able to pay in store through Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, or Apple Pay, you’ll need a smart phone that has NFC enabled. Then you can pay contactless through your phone, and it’s quick and simple. You’ll earn 5% cashback through Zilch from 12th January 2022. Pay for petrol, pay for supermarket shopping, pay for your gas and electric, pay for online spends, and pay in store. If your store is not listed, you can opt for Zilch Anywhere but instead of the usual 2% you’d get for pay it all now, you will only receive 0.5% from 12 January 2022. And don’t just think that you will be earning pennies. Those pennies soon add up to pounds and soon you’ll have enough to make purchases using your  Zilch reward points.

When I find out about something that excites me, I rave on about it. Seemingly, my raving hasn’t yet intrigued my friends and family to be earning cashback with Zilch, but if you are open to this app and want to earn some easy money, then sign up with Zilch and use the app for your everyday purchases.



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