In this day and age, the media has their ‘eye’ on almost every adult when it comes to the abuse of children. They suspect almost everyone of grooming or abusing kids. Even some parents are suspected or even questioned of abusing their kids, just because they use discipline. I was smacked on the bottom as a child for being naughty, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I wasn’t abused and I would never state this.

Take today, for instance. I can’t help children coming and talking to me, because I have a silly childish personality. I think this is the best approach to making friends with children. Be approachable. Be silly. At one time there was about six children surrounding me. I got out the sit down superman puppet, the flying monkey, and my hula hoop and hula hooped around the waist and arm in the pouring rain while they watched, and it was great to see them laugh. I joked that I would get out the water pistols and the water bombs when the weather was warmer. No excuses. It’s only water.

I don’t think their parents will ever understand me, but I can’t stop them from coming to sit around my table. There is no funny business, no grooming, no abuse, just a genuine love for these children and their welfare, and I think I was even suspected by one walking bystander today who must have stared at me for a good long ten seconds while these kids hung round the balcony table talking about Minecraft and Michael Joker. I’ll don’t ever want to change, because my partner is not afraid to be silly either.

We shouldn’t have to harden our hearts to children because of the constant grooming stories in the media. Forget what other people think and just project your love to children. Many children crave love, and we adults should feel no shame in showing it.

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