the modern milkman phone number

You want the Modern Milkman phone number, and the current leaflet that is being used to promote this delivery service doesn’t have the number. There is finally a number and it’s 0161 826 7666.

The Modern Milkman Phone Number

0161 826 7666.

The team are available between 8am until 4pm Monday to Friday. The above number is to stop all future deliveries, but they may be able to help with other queries too. I think they forget that non-smart phones still exist, and some people do not want Internet. This fact closes off their customer base to perhaps some of the most vulnerable who cannot afford the luxury of a monthly internet, or mobile phone contract.

Payment online, is also a thumbs down, as it was always cash in the early days that was paid to the milk men (and women).

However, The Modern Milkman website has a chat facility, or you can chat with them through the app.

Cancelling your service is easy via the chat app or calling the above number, and you can make changes o your order up to 8PM before the delivery of your order the following day.

For months I was put off the idea of signing up the Modern Milkman, but it’s so inconvenient running out of milk. We love our brews, and milky coffees, and we get through a lot of milk in this household, and so, I’ve put in a recurring order for full fat milk, butter, eggs, and cream, all of the good saturated fats that the mainstream tells us are bad for us. I tend to disagree with the mainstream’s idea of health.

Obviously, I’m new to this so I am hoping that my signing up a Modern Milkman weekly subscription will be a long lasting frequent relationship delivery of all good fats.

If you want a Modern Milkman discount code, and even £5 (previously £10) off your first three order, check out these exclusive Modern Milkman coupon and offers below. Unfortunately, I could not find the Modern Milkman phone number to share with you, but there is a chat facility available, and money off vouchers below.

the modern milkman

£15 off Modern Milkman



Sign up through this friend referral to save £5 off your first three weekly repeat orders at The Modern Milkman. Enter this discount code at the checkout.
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25% off The Modern Milkman



Want to sign up for a milk round one-off delivery, or regular subscription, then save 25% off The Modern Milkman with this discount code.

Modern Milkman Cashback With Zilch

If you love The Modern Milkman and would love to earn 2 percent cashback too, sign up to Zilch. Here’s how.

  1. Sign up for a Zilch account
  2. Go through verification, etc.
  3. Make your first contactless (tap & pay) purchase in any shop that accepts contactless to get your 500 Zilch rewards.
  4. To earn 2% on your purchase, choose Modern Milkman from the ‘search merchants’ box.
  5. Choose pay now.
  6. Enable your card.
  7. If your points are already in your account, you can click next to ‘rewards balance’ to discount your next purchase
  8. Visit The Modern Milkman and make your purchase and when it comes to making payment, use your Zilch Mastercard details.
  9. Voila, your 2% cashback in Zilch reward points will be awarded within minutes.

I am not sure if the 2 percent cashback is given on repeat subscriptions, but it’s most definitely available on one-off orders, and I think it’s free delivery on orders £10 and over, and they deliver Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


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