chocolate trading company

There is no doubt about it,  Chocolate Trading Company makes delicious tasty chocolates, and have great affordable gift ideas. Hotel Chocolat makes tasty chocolates too, but I remember their humble beginning as a member of the Chocolate Tasting Club. I would receive a brand new box of chocolates through the post every month, but I’d scoff them while having a bubble bath, so rarely ‘tasted’ them enough to review. Hotel Chocolat are overpriced.

For great value chocolate gift ideas, visit Chocolate Trading Company. Whether your friend or loves one likes white chocolate, dark chocolate, or is a lover of milk chocolate, there is a generous range of chocolates to suit every tastebud at this quirky online gift shop.

Hotel Chocolat may now sell its skincare range and delicious liquors, but their chocolates are also overpriced. Their chocolate tea is worth a try though, although they are not available to buy online.

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