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Do you see the common pink K everywhere on websites, as I do? It stands for the Klarna buy now pay later option. You can buy everything from an electric scooter Klarna to sports supplements through Klarna, and even through the natural handmade product giant, LUSH. I am not sure how many merchants you can buy through on Klarna, but I guess it’s into the few hundreds now. Clearpay is a similar option that is buy now pay later, but each payment is weekly. Even websites like Everything 5 pounds offer Clearpay but no Klarna payment options.

Klarna or a Credit Card

Klarna is a buy now pay now payment option that is available on most websites, even sites like You want luxury chocolates, you can buy now pay 30 days later on Hotel Chocolat. You want an electric scooter, you can buy now and pay in 30 days on the Klarna Card, or there are options to pay in three. A small credit check is done when you apply for Klarna, but it’s a fairly easy process and most people will be eligible for this convenient payment system.

Klarna differs from a credit card, which normally never offers any incentives other than the excellent American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card, which offered 5% cashback on every purchase for the first three months, although I’m not sure if this offer is still available. It’s still a cashback card offer 0.5% and up to 1% cashback, dependent on how much you spend per annum.

When you Klarna payment date for payment is approaching, Klarna even offers you the option to have a few extra days. This is a handy tool that credit card companies do not provide. Late payments on credit cards often incur late payment fees of £12 and upwards.

An Electric Scooter Klarna through Instalments

The more I see these electric scooters on our streets, the more I wonder if it’s worth it to buy one.

Even though the electric scooter Klarna has many options, it’s important for people to know of their current legality on roads and pavements. Here is information from Halfords. I looked into it as a possible and cheap way to ride to my allotment, until I discovered that they require tax and insurance. This makes them suitable for private land, but illegal to ride on the pavement and roads. Strangely, tax and insurance is required on them, but there are no insurers who will provide electric scooter insurance, so all of these riders are riding illegally and could be fined.

However, I see things changing soon with the way things are petrol wise, with the government going to have to go easy on people who need to travel, and an electric scooter is a cheaper and ‘greener’ option for most people who can no longer afford a car, or cannot afford an electric or hybrid vehicle, so they need to go easy on people with all of these tax laws.

Some Electric Scooter Options Available on Klarna

If this information has not put you off, there are 25 retailers available through Klarna who sell electric scooters ranging from £240 into the thousands. Here’s where you can get one and pay in instalments through Klarna. Click onto this link to consider each of them.

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