kettlebell amrap

Try this kettlebell Amrap workout to burn over 300 calories in just 25 minutes work time. The last set was the hardest. The key with Amrap training is to perform as many exercise reps in five minutes as is possible. Only thirty seconds rest throughout the workout, so your body is remaining at a high state of intensity this entire 25 minutes.

Be sure to grab some water, and a towel. The best thing about the workouts by Heather Robertson is that she performs the workouts too, so you can always be encouraged. Plus she uses a 15kg kettlebell. I vary between a 6kg for arm workouts, a 16kg for kettlebell swings and one leg deadlifts, a 9kg for goblet squats, and a 12kg kettlebell for other exercises.

This kettlebell amrap has exercises including the lunge and twist, goblet squat with curl, alternate kettlebell swing, one legged deadlift, toe taps, knee arm lift, and many others. If you p ut in the effort with this kettlebell amrap workout you can burn over 30 minutes. Be sure to invest in a fitness watch if you want to track daily exercise and accurate calories burnt. I use a polar A300 with a chest strap, but there are alternative ones like the Fitbit, or Garmin, for example.

Remember to do a good warmup before you start the kettlebell amrap workout to get the best benefits, and to ensure that you do not cause injury during the workout, and do a few minute of warmdowns afterward. Happy kettlebell training.

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