The Damaging Effects on Relationships From Manmade or Conspiracy Theories

The Damaging Effects on Relationships From Manmade or Conspiracy Theories

I was once hugely into manmade or conspiracy theories, until one Sunday I woke up and the ‘fight back’ didn’t matter anymore. I would spend hundreds of pounds every few months on notary publics, swearing on the bible, denying that I had to pay anything, sending accepted for value back for payment of bills, and even printing out my own promissory notes. I was fuelled by anger. I issued commercial liens to banks, the local council against council tax, the water board. I was a rebel who attended all of these freeman on the land events. One Sunday, however, the fight and frustration was gone. Instead I came back into reality and fell into a deep depression that has never gone away.

There are many manmade or conspiracy theories out there, and the social media sites have done much to fuel anger and hate amongst humans, causing divide and blame. Don’t forget that the enemy is Satan. He cares to take souls to hell, just like Jesus Christ became sin for us, who knew no sin, so that we could receive the righteousness of God through simple faith in His finished redemptive work at the cross. Souls are very important to God.

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him2 Corinthians 5:21

Souls are very important to God. He wants no one to perish, but all to come to a change of mind about trying to save themselves through human works and goodness, and instead trust in Christ’s finished work.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance – 2 Peter 3:9

Manmade or conspiracy theories can ruin people’s lives. They can ruin relationships that were once solid. Instead of trying to talk sense and love into those who are being fuelled by manmade or conspiracy theories, we are told that we are enemy or the brainwashed one. It is deeply saddening to be at the receiving end of such tripe. I remember telling my sister that in 2012 the world was going to become new and I could see the sadness and the tears in her eyes, but I didn’t realise that they were tears of care and love.

What is even sadder is that many Christians, who should know better than to follow such garbage, actually encourage others through these movements on websites like 4Chan and the Q conspiracy. Two Christians got my partner into the Q conspiracy and now he won’t have a bad word said against Donald Trump. It’s such a dangerous place to be to hold a human being to such high regard. Trump is not God and he never will be. Manmade or conspiracy theories are damaging and ruin relationships. My partner is a Christian too, and believes that these movements are leading him toward God and that Donald Trump is being used by God similar to King Cyrus in the Bible. Donald Trump was taught by Norman Vincent Peele, a dangerous prosperity preacher.

I can no longer communicate with my partner. When I express my concern, he immediately goes on the defence and instead of listening, it turns into a screaming war of words. I can’t force him to listen. If he wants to believe that thousands of celebrities have abused children and are being indicted and imprisoned, I don’t see how this is helping the world. God sees all. God will have His judgement too. No one gets away with sin. That’s why we need the blood of Christ to wash away all our sin. We all need a saviour in Jesus Christ.

Think Tabata is Easy? Try This 4 Minute Spin Bike Workout

Think Tabata is Easy? Try This 4 Minute Spin Bike Workout

Do you love tabata exercise because it provides a thorough workout? Try this tough workout on your spin bike for a lung busting workout.

This tabata protocol is simple. Use a tabata app on your phone to keep tabs, and put on your favourite tune. It will give you the motivation.

I set my tabata app for three rounds, but because I’ve not been on my bike for several weeks, I could only complete one set.

This is the tabata protocol, which I completed on my Proform TDF 1.0 Indoor Cycle at an incline of 15 (maximum) at level 15 (26 levels max).

  1. Cycle as fast as possible for twenty seconds.
  2. Rest for 10 seconds.
  3. Cycle as fast as possible for twenty seconds.
  4. Rest for 10 seconds etc

Repeat this intense cycle eight times totalling 4 minutes.

I know that this tabata protocol sounds easy, but cycling with maximum effort at the hill incline and the added resistance level made me pant heavily at my third interval.

Put your favourite tune on because you’re going to need the motivation.

Check out these great range of spin bikes for inspiration and enjoy a tough tabata workout in only four minutes. 









The Downside to Selling on Amazon FBA – Competition

The Downside to Selling on Amazon FBA – Competition

If you have found a product to sell on Amazon, and you want it fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), it is fairly easy to follow the instructions online to send your stock to be fulfilled by Amazon. It normally takes around three to four working days for the stock to be received and checked in, and then you can view it live.

Another downside to selling on Amazon FBA is competition. You can either search for the product to see if there is already a listing, which you’ll then set at your own price, or you will want to create your own personal listing, to which you will require your own EAN.

However, you may find that after a few sales there will be competition ‘leaches’ who will tag onto your product, and even when you send them a polite email asking them to go elsewhere, they often don’t. The added competition will push down your profit margin and nobody wins – except Amazon. I can’t fathom why some sellers would feel okay with making pennies for profit, especially when Amazon FBA is expensive, and remember Amazon charge their fees PER item sold.

The Downside of Selling on Amazon FBA – Longterm Storage Fees

The Downside of Selling on Amazon FBA – Longterm Storage Fees

I’ve sold on Amazon in the past, both merchant and fulfilled by Amazon FBA, and if you can find the right product the money will stream in, but beware of the downsides of Amazon FBA. It may seem like no one else is selling your product so you send in over 100 items to be fulfilled by Amazon, but then the product doesn’t sell.

It’s great seeing your product live ready to be purchased by millions of people through its Prime programme, but you also need to beware of Amazon’s longterm storage fees if the product doesn’t sell. They normally calculate this each month and add it to your balance. If products are not selling, you may choose to advertise the product, but even this does not guarantee a sale.

Then there is the competition. Competition of the same product by other sellers will lower your profit margin and you may lose you the ‘elusive’ Amazon buy box. If the product doesn’t sell well then you’ll have the longterm storage fees applied to your Amazon account each month, or you can have the products returned to you by Amazon, which will also incur a fee. Amazon are the only winners in this vast online market of competition.

The Easiest Eco Friendly Cheapest Deodorant EVER!

The Easiest Eco Friendly Cheapest Deodorant EVER!

Check the supermarkets and skin stores and there are an abundance of antiperspirants, but not many deodorants. It’s just not healthy to stop the pores from sweating, and it’s not sweat that smells but when bacteria (from stress) mixes with the sweat this is what causes armpit odour.

Do you know what the easiest eco friendly cheapest deodorant ever is? Bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda. However, I must warn you that it may cause skin irritation in some people, but it is absolutely amazing in eliminating any hint of underarm pong.

I’ve tried a few naturally made deodorants by Ben & Anna. The grapefruit one is especially nice.

The Persian lime one is nice too.

To be honest, these deodorant sticks do not last as long as plain old baking soda (which is soooo cheap), but it is certainly nice to know that the armpit can breathe. The skin is designed to breath and not to choke from antiperspirants.

Rubbing a lemon or lime under the armpit is also helpful, although it may leave a sticky residue and takes time to dry.

What is your favourite natural deodorant, or do you stick to the usual antiperspirants?

Please note, if you click on the link in this article and buy the product, I will be paid a small affiliate endorsement.

No Chemicals No Residue NO GUNK 100% Natural Haircare for Men

No Chemicals No Residue NO GUNK 100% Natural Haircare for Men

I’m a girl, but I’ve always been drawn toward men’s haircare products. I used to use American Crew’s Fiber until I discovered that it had a high 8 toxic rating on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

I then discovered a product called NO GUNK, which have a Hair Wax for hair and beards, and a Matte Lava Clay, which I purchased and has a lovely scent. The tub is only small, but they do some other fantastic products too like the natural deodorant called Pit Stop. Unfortunately, the hold of the Matte Lava Clay didn’t provide enough hold for my short but longish hair, which I like to punk up daily.

I’ve instead turned to a product I found on Amazon called Seven Potions Hairstyling Clay. The smell isn’t that great, but the hold is fantastic (even on windy days). Don’t be put off by the price either. The jar is huge and will last well over six months.

Please note, if you click through to the NO GUNK products, you will receive £5 off your product, plus you will also give me £5 off my next purchase. I might try the Pit Stop deodorant next.:) The Seven Potions link is also an affiliate link too.

Honesty is the Best Policy – How Addicted Are You To Your Mobile?

Honesty is the Best Policy – How Addicted Are You To Your Mobile?

Mobile phones cause addictive behaviour, no doubt about it. I am on my phone for most of the day, either surfing the internet, listening to Youtube videos, or playing free games through Google Play. I know I have an unhealthy addiction to my smart phone. I’ve had to curb my 8 ball pool play to two or three games per day, instead of two or three hours. So far, it’s been two days and I’ve succeeded.

These above activities can seem normal in this day, but what happens when the mobile phone turns into addictive behaviour that wrecks lives. Let’s take the gambling industry for example. Celebrities like Ray Winstone promote gambling as cool, but it’s okay for him to endorse it because he is well paid. What about the lives that gambling destroys, when there is very much help available even from the gambling industry.

Ross Kemp has recently done a documentary on ITV called Living With Online Gambling Addiction, and it was so saddening to hear these stories of desperate people who just couldn’t stop. One guy said that he lost over £127k in 26 minutes. Gambling can destroy families, and may even cause suicide in some desperate individuals who just don’t know what to do anymore. Addiction is just plain horrible for anyone going through it, and for their families. More support should be available for this debilitating mental illness called addiction. The Panorama Addicted to Gambling documentary on gambling addiction mentions that approximately 400,000 people in the UK have a gambling addiction, but experts believe that number could be far higher.

Gambling should be illegal. Lotto should be banned, but gambling has become so sensationalised by the media and celebrities. It is a true evil. 666 is all over those lottery tickets. Look closely at the old National Lottery tickets where the fingers cross. It’s clearly a 666.

The betting industry knows what it is doing in creating apps that stimulate the mind and cause addiction. The warnings of addiction are only in small writing, just like alcohol warnings on adverts on the TV and in print. At least they’ve done something about smoking, but these peace pipes are just keeping people addicted to nicotine and no doubt whatever is inside these liquids that people inhale will probably reveal to be toxic too.

Shame on celebrities for promoting gambling as cool, when it is a temptation that can easily turn into an evil one that causes addictive behaviour and mental illness. I learned my lesson many years ago when I became addicted to online gaming. Luckily I only lost about £3,000, but the sensations that it creates in winning, and also the desperation it causes in losing just makes you want to continue to win. It creates an unending anxiety that is spirit destroying. I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone ever downloads any gambling apps. Don’t bet a penny, because the gambling industry is satanic and there to destroy lives because that is the aim of the prideful devil.

Remember Where’s Wally? Where’s The Missing Jigsaw Piece

Remember Where’s Wally? Where’s The Missing Jigsaw Piece

Do you remember Where’s Wally? He was a cartoon character dressed in red and white stripes, with glasses and a baseball cap, and through the busyness of the scene, we had to search for the goggled guy.

I have a puzzle for you. Where is the missing jigsaw piece in this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle? Don’t look down, if you don’t want to know where the missing jigsaw piece is?

I purchased this personalised 1000 piece photo jigsaw from PhotoBox, only to discover that a piece was missing. I contacted PhotoBox who were unhelpful and stated I was out of their six month policy period. Anyhow, I discovered a fantastic website called Jigsaw Doctor who actually create the missing piece from the pieces surrounding the missing piece. I don’t know how they do it, but wow I can’t even tell that there was a missing piece. What do you think?



I’m absolutely buzzing with Jigsaw Doctor. I have now framed my Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane photo 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Mr Sleepy? I’m Buggered

Mr Sleepy? I’m Buggered

What a nightmare couple of days. I’ve been going to bed early for the past week, average time 8.30pm, but the other day I had a banging headache so instead of taking painkillers I decided to have an early night instead. The only trouble is that I woke up at 11.30pm and couldn’t get back to sleep.

So yesterday I was absolutely buggered, and I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming about 5pm yesterday. I was so tired that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to play a session of Spider. This was at 5.30pm and went to bed. I woke up today at 12.30am wide awake and had two bloody lattes. How stupid. I’ll probably have a caffeine headache later.

Anyhow, are there are any sleep experts out there? Should I force myself to stay awake until about 10pm tonight so that I can get into a restful sleep pattern again? I suppose I’m getting the sleep, but it’s crappy to feel tired so early in the day. Been very emotional today, and skin picking has been very bad, so wonder if it’s anything to do with this lack of sleep. I forced myself to do a Tabata kettlebell workout so at least this has levelled out my manic head.

God bless everybody. I hope there is a moment in your day that God blesses and is for only you  to see. Do you ever have those moments, like watching a money spider climb its thread adn then disappear equally fast. Man, their legs are fast for tiny creatures. Aww at 12.30am, the tiniest fly landed on my laptop and I had to smile. The smallest creatures have wings. How amazing.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary Urgent Land Appeal

Hillside Animal Sanctuary Urgent Land Appeal

A small area of land has been offered to Hillside Animal Sanctuary to purchase. It is a four-acre meadow, which is situated at the back of the Sanctuary and lies between a 30-acre field where around fifty of its special care horses and ponies graze during the summer and 15 acres of Sanctuary land where their shelters are situated.

For several years now, the landowner has allowed their horses to roam freely across the bottom part of the four acres, providing a vital link for them to gain access from one field to the other to reach their shelters. It would be of great benefit for the horses to keep this thoroughfare in addition to the extra grazing the whole of the four acres would provide.

The landowner has told Hillside Animal Sanctuary that they must now sell, but they are giving Hillside first refusal as they know how important it is to them. They are asking for a reasonable price of £45,000 as small areas of land in this area can often go for much more. This appeal is most urgent because they are concerned that if the land is sold and they are unable to raise the funds to purchase it, the valuable benefits it brings for managing their rescued horses, will be lost.

hillside animal sanctuary

Unfortunately, due to the extremely wet winter of 2017/18, followed by last year’s driest ever summer causing the price of hay to escalate, Hillside’s current funds are extremely stretched. It is unlikely that they will be able to purchase this land without calling upon the help of its supporters.

Every £5 donated will provide two square yards of land. You may request a ‘Square Yards of Land’ certificate, which also makes a great gift too.

If you can help Hillside Animal Sanctuary, please donate online at

Alternatively, you can make a donation via bank transfer to Co-op bank with account number: 69668302 and sort code 08-92-99. State LA and your postcode as a reference.

Thank you