I’m sure you’ve all heard of compareshopai? It’s an online platform that uses AI to write product reviews for Amazon products. There’s a basic $27 version then a pro version, which is around $99. I have the pro version which was given to me free by the creator, yet all of the ‘bonuses’ are not beneficial as they do not work.

The promise is that after 14 days if you don’t make your first Amazon affiliate sale, the creator will work with you on your site until you do make your first sale. I’m still waiting to hear back from my email to the compareshopai creator.


If you look to the image on the left, there is a link to click on pages and blogs. EVERY time I try to add a blog post or page through this system it gives me a 500 error. The creator has not messaged me back after months.

The layout of the site is boring and changes cannot be made in the system. It already has pre-written articles and blogs written, but if you are not focusing on an technology type site then these pre-written articles and guides are irrelevant. Adding my own product guides is impossible, even when I delete the pre-written product guides that are irrelevant to three of my websites.

So I don’t believe the reviews online that rave that this system works. They are simply promoting their own link to Warrior Plus, where this item is sold, and as you can see I don’t have any links in this blog post as I am just being honest that this AI system doesn’t work.

You can choose any website name and it will end with Apparently, the product reviews are automatically added to Google search engines, but I don’t even see any of my sites listed when I perform a search.

My websites are: Amazing Amazon, Mom & Baby, Chocoholics, U Beauty & Laptop Picks.

Did CompareshopAI work for you?

If it has, please comment below and include your website link.

Did you purchase the basic or the advanced version?

Did the bonuses work for you? What about the ‘extra’ articles.

How about adding your own blog posts and articles?

Were you able to make changes to the basic website layout?

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