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The only Covid-19 cure we are hearing about through our Governments and the mainstream media is the coming Covid-19 vaccine funded by Bill Gates, with Dr Fauci invested to earn a lot of money too on the vaccine, contrary to what the ‘Independent’ Fact checkers say. They don’t care about human lives, just money and reducing the world population through something called eugenics.

Some hard work by friends on Facebook has gone into finding this video on the Whitecoat Medical Summit, which was removed overnight by YouTube – for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. I wonder why! What is so offensive about a group of doctors who are speaking about a Covid-19 cure for one of the world’s ‘deadliest viruses’ to ever hit Planet Earth? Why suppress a Covid-19 cure? A group of American doctors are speaking about the Covid-19 misinformation given by our Governments and mainstream medias and also speak firmly about a Covid-19 cure that has treated over 300 patients at the Whitecoat Medical Summit.

Whitecoat Medical Summit MP3 – Approx 46 minutes

The only thing the Whitecoat Medical Summit video is giving truth on is that against the normal Covid-19 narrative of fear, control and hysteria, and YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter called this Covid-19 honesty ‘misinformation’. People are waking up to the mainstream media lies and Government propaganda.

Don’t forget who funds the World Health Organization (WHO). Bill Gates, who also funds The BBC and The Guardian.

There is a successful Covid-19 cure called Hydroxychloroquine, which has largely been smeared by Big Pharma, yet sadly thousands have died, which create hype through the bias mainstream and further the urgency for the Covid-19 vaccine. Listen to this brave doctor who has treated 350 patients with this simple Covid-19 cure.

Texas Doctor uses Covid-19 cure Hydroxychloroquine – Approx 6 minutes

Where is the conscience of these politicians and doctors who have been bought into continuing such tyranny against the masses? What if it was your loved one who died? And the wearing of face masks is also going to cause mass problem for people, like hypoxia and hypercapnia. Dr Fauci is not a PPE expert.

One silly politician spoke out for the American police force to be defunded, yet soon found himself fearing for his life when the BLM crowds started causing destruction in his neighborhood. These people might praise one thing, but when the going gets tough, they are a bunch of  hypocrites.

Listen to this closing statement by Dr Stella Immanuel, one of the American Frontline Doctors during the Whitecoat Medical Summit.


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