Day: 30 November 2019

concept 2

500m Intervals on the Concept 2500m Intervals on the Concept 2

I’ve officially become part of the Concept 2 crowd, and what a strong sturdy rowing machine this is. It’s exciting to receive a new fitness machine like the Concept 2 because all sorts of thoughts flowed through my head.  My initial plan was to perform twenty x 200m distance intervals, with a ten second rest […]

self harm disorder

Skin Picking Disorder Myth 2 – It’s Not A Self Harm DisorderSkin Picking Disorder Myth 2 – It’s Not A Self Harm Disorder

Part 2 of the 8 part myths about skin picking disorder blog posts, with the copyright of the text at Myth #2: Excoriation is a type of self-harm. Fact: While compulsive skin picking is harmful to the picker, it is not a self-harm disorder. Self-harm, officially known as “non-suicidal self-injury” (NSSI), is a psychological […]